Vishwa Electric Diffuser

Vishwa Electric Diffuser
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Vishwa Electric Diffuser
Vishwa Electric Diffusers are a helpful in humidifying while infusing the air in your house with the healing power of aromas. Diffusers release negative ions to enhance your wellbeing and energize the atmosphere. They revitalize the air by using 100% natural essential oil blends. Our diffusers preserve the healing effects of the oils and disperse them over a large area through evaporation. The effects last upto 2-3 hours and makes the room pleasant and calm. It's finely crafted texture fits right into any décor to complement your space with calming and relaxing aroma
It is safe to use at home and is also energy-efficient


 4.7"x 4.5"x 9.7"

Tank- 100 ml

Mist- Up to 3 hours

Material: BPA-free plastic

Care and safety-

Place the diffuser on a flat, stable surface. Fill the tank with water. Add 4-5 drops of the Natural Essential oil or blend. Plug in. Enjoy.

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