Ghee Lamp Carved Round Shaped- Large

Ghee Lamp Carved Round Shaped- Large
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A Diya, Diva, Deepa, Deepam or Deepak is an Ghee/Oil lamp made from brass.

Lighting a ghee lamp in the house is said to infuse positivity and usher in peace of mind. 

It is most common to see a ghee or oil lamp burn in most Indian temple. The burining of ghee with a cotton wick is said to cleanse the area of negativity and channelise positive and calming thoughts. 

It is also a great aid in Meditation and Yoga practice.

Use with a cotton wick and Desi Cow's Ghee to best results.

Keep out of reach of children, when lit.

Keep away from anything inflammable, when lit.

Beautiful metal made handmade craft. Unique for Gift.

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