Please note International Buyers can add their products and submit their requirements. Our Team shall get back to you shortly.
Please note International Buyers can add their products and submit their requirements. Our Team shall get back to you shortly.

Philosophy of Agnihotra Lifestyle


“The Cosmic Energy, in the form of the element Fire, is all pervading and present in each and every particle. Agnihotra is the timeless Upasana (Path to Oneness). That which can be achieved by long and arduous practice of Yoga, can be achieved by the regular practice of Agnihotra. ” ~ Paramsadguru

Vishwa is a Sanskrit word meaning the WORLD, our world. Vishwa is an institution blessed by the eternal and timeless wisdom and teachings of Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj of Shivpuri, Akkalkot, India, that works towards bringing positive and sustainable changes in Our WORLD with a blend of ancient wisdom and modern scientific knowledge.

Agnihotra is an age old Vedic practice rejuvenated in the modern times by Paramsadguru in the year 1944 from Akkalkot, India. Agnihotra is the process of channelising energies of the Universe to create a lasting healing effect. Its effects have been acknowledged by scientists, philosophers and academicians, both ancient and contemporary.

Agnihotra is not just a practice, but a complete lifestyle, that creates a bond between us and the Universe. Agnihotra Lifestyle is holistic outlook of living a life to the fullest and achieving balance of excellence in life and inner peace.

Agnihotra Ash is said to have many medicinal and healing properties. It has been tested in many labs around the world and many leading professionals from various fields of science, have done thorough scientific experiments on it. It has been proven, beyond a doubt, that Agnihotra Ash has many properties that can create a larger positive impact on life on the planet.

We, at Vishwa, having been spreading the message of Holistic Living based on Agnihotra Lifestyle through our various events, programs, initiatives and projects. We are committed to the aim of creating a world that is healthy, emotionally aware, spiritually awakened and socially conscious. As we work to usher in this change in the world to a more holistic way of being, our endeavor is to aid and support in this transition. That is why we bring to you the Vishwa range of Products and Services.

Our products and Services are based on the concepts of Panch Sadhan Marga or the Five Fold Path revealed by Paramsadguru. Each product and service, utilises the healing benefits of the Agnihotra Ash, to add value and enhance its efficacy. The aim is to offer a holistic alternative to harmful, chemical laden options that are otherwise available to us.

Using high quality high quality ingredients and by rendering our world class signature Swasthya therapies, our wellness experts and trained therapists, help you on the journey to complete well-being and a sustainable, holistic life.

Each product has been meticulously formulated by our experts keeping in mind the authentic textual references and blending these with our years of hands on knowledge. Great care has been taken to make sure that each product is uniquely balanced, scientific and delivers healing with efficacy.

Much of the work for the products is done as part of Vishwa’s Rural Development and Women Empowerment Program. This provides jobs and work to many underprivileged families and destitute women. We have consciously tried to create a sustainable ecosystem of creating world class products that support livelihoods and households.

All the ingredients are ethically sourced and adhere to fair trade standards. All the manufacturing is done at either our own in house facilities or at partner organisations following strict quality protocols and good manufacturing practices.

So every time you buy a Vishwa product or undergo a retreat, you are not only getting a fantastic lifestyle solution, but you are also contributing to a noble cause.

With the experience of over four decades and such a venerable legacy behind us, we are now attempting to take this unique healing concept to the world.

Come, together we can make this world a better place for all.

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